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Level up your coding skills with hands-on design challenges.

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As a developer, it's important to continually challenge yourself and improve your skills. Code The Design was created with this goal in mind. We believe that the best way to learn and grow is by tackling real-life projects and challenges, rather than just following along with tutorials or practicing with contrived exercises.

That's why we've created a platform that offers a wide variety of challenges, inspired by real-world designs and use cases. These challenges are meant to push you to think creatively, problem-solve, and develop your skills as a developer.

We understand that everyone has different levels of experience and expertise, which is why we've included a subjective difficulty rating for each challenge. This allows you to choose challenges that are appropriate for your current skill level, and gradually work your way up as you improve.

We also understand that the website is in a very early stage and far from being stable. Our focus is on getting the website visible as soon as possible, which is why we don't currently offer pre-exported assets and specific objectives for the challenges. However, we provide Figma design files for each challenge, which you can learn how the designs work and use to export any assets you need.

We hope that Code The Design will serve as a valuable resource for you as you work to improve your skills and become a more confident and capable developer. Happy coding!


You have the freedom to choose the technologies that you feel comfortable using in order to complete the challenges on our website. We do not have a preferred tech stack, and we welcome developers from all backgrounds and skill levels to participate in our challenges. Whether you prefer to use front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or back-end technologies like PHP, Python, or Ruby, you are free to use whatever tools and frameworks you feel most comfortable with. Our goal is to provide you with real-life use case challenges that allow you to showcase your skills and abilities, and we believe that the best way to do this is by giving you the freedom to choose the technologies that work best for you.


We are glad that you are interested in contributing to our project. As a reminder, our project is open source and we welcome contributions from anyone who is interested in helping us build a better product.

We believe that open source projects thrive when there is a diverse range of perspectives and skillsets involved. Whether you are a developer, designer, or simply have an idea that you think could improve the project, we encourage you to reach out and get involved.

There are many ways you can contribute to our project. You can submit bug reports and feature requests, help us by testing new features and fixing issues, or even contribute code or design assets directly. No matter how you choose to get involved, your contribution will make a difference and help us to continue building a great product.